One wall left

Despite the wind and rain over the last couple of days we have pushed ahead and completed the second coat of lime on all but the East wall. This was the last wall to get the clay plaster and it finally dried out yesterday, so the first lime (stipple coat) went on last thing yesterday, which we hope will be dry for Monday to take the final coat.

So what to do now? Well we had the grass on the top hectare of land cut on Monday, so we have to rake up the hay and move it for composting; the quality is too poor for feed and I’m against burning it. Then we have a trailer load of building rubble that is in the field at the side of the road, its been there over a year waiting to be broken up and laid on the road; so today it will be done! This will then leave the the field free for ploughing. And then of course we have to render the chimneys in the house, which means we have to move the joists that run along side them to give us the required space.   

All in all a full day ahead of us, especially if you add in the mandatory mushroom picking that seems to fill the walk between the barn and the building site Smile

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

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