Windows 16

I thought I would try and get ahead of Microsoft and announce the release  of Windows 16, that is we had 16 windows installed yesterday and what a difference it makes.


However as you would expect from any new release there are problems, notably with the picture! The light, the perspective, the depth of field and it has to be said the scaffold; although you will notice that the tarpaulins have gone at last and we have windows Smile I will try and come up with something better when I get the chance and the ‘light is right’! Ta da…….the four walls; go to the end of the post to get a sneak preview of the piec.


In view of this we went to so our carpenter to see how the doors are progressing, which was an experience in itself; to see the various components manufactured on machines that are probably well over 30 years old and possible even hand made; he truly is an old style craftsman and he’s confidant that the doors will be ready by the middle of next week. So it looks like we should be able to seal the building in the first week of November; which is just as well as we are having the cooking range built this week and the first signs of snow are showing on the 10 day forecast, along with numbers with a funny – in front of them. (update 25th October) It looks like the days ahead will be cold and there is a good chance of snow over the weekend, so its just as well we are having the piec (cooking range) built now. I have to say its looking good, the ‘zdun’, the guy who builds them for a living told Gosia today that he has built more than a thousand in his lifetime, not to mention all those he helped his father build, and this experience is showing as he progresses. These pictures were taken this morning after a days work…more to come in a new post.


Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

15 thoughts on “Windows 16”

  1. Hi Eddy

    Hope all going well, I’d be really interested to see any more photos of your cooking range, in progress or finished. We would like to do something similar in Portugal for use in the winter (we’ll have an outside kitchen for summer).

  2. I smell a book deal in the works. By blogging every step of the way, it’ll be easy to assemble everything sometime down the road for the first book. A follow up will be writing about the adventures of guests including their adventures. Then a big Hollywood deal with Eddy and Gosia never looking back. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sabina, good to get some feedback 🙂 The piec was started today so we are hoping for some heat soon 🙂 and no doubt another post. Click on follow at the top of the page if you want to be the first to read it!

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