Piec off!… then on again, then off again, then on……..

It’s the moment you have all being waiting for, the highlight of the month (as long as I post it on time) the pinnacle of my blog so far, the post that will push my readership up to at least three if not four.You will notice how I have built up the tension, mentioned the piec on a few previous posts already, even tempted you with a photo of the first days work by the ‘zdun’. Well today I can show you the result of all his hard work as the piec was completed on Saturday. I would have posted sooner, but a recent tangle with the laptop power supply lead and my foot, resulted in the laptop crashing to the floor, ultimately leading to a crashing laptop hard drive. Its just as well I stockpiled lots of spares in my previous life in I.T., although I have yet to fix it….don’t worry I wont blog about it 🙂

And just to add a little more suspense I thought it would be a good idea to add a photo of what the inside of the house looks like as you enter through the big hole in the wall (I have since added a temporary door)

As you can see we have lots of work to do inside; this is one of the reasons we decided to have the piec built first. Not only will it provide heat, it also gives us a starting point in deciding the layout of the kitchen.View from the door

So here we go ‘here we go, hold on tight’ as they used to say on the Waltzer! The Piec.

Piec01 Piec02
Piec03 piec04
Piec05 piec06
piec07 piec08
 piec09All built in three and a half days, using about 600 bricks, 15 meters of reinforcement bar cut to various sizes, a few old hinges that we had knocking around from old doors, the hardboard back of a chest of draws (which I must put back) and a mix of clay and sand (1-2). Two of the doors we managed to find at an antiques fair; made from cast iron and built to last, and the hob and bread oven that Gosia is demonstrating in the last photo were bought new.I now have proof why women always burn themselves on ovens; they keep checking to see if they are warm!.

Once finished I had hoped to fire up and start to get some heat into the building, see what kind of heat could be generated and stored in all those bricks. But then of course something that is built in a traditional way, using a natural mortar needs time to dry and as with any new installation you are provided with strict instructions. Burn twice a day for 30 minutes on a low heat for at least three days, then build up slowly in the following weeks until it will finally be dry in about a months time and finally ready to be piled high with wood and coal as we see fit. So we are hoping the weather doesn’t get too cold over the next month and that we can survive in the stable a little longer. I’m getting use to waiting for things in Poland 🙂

As ever lots goes on around the big exciting events, I chopped lots of wood in eager anticipation of the piec, it’s very true what they say about wood heating you up three times; cutting it down, chopping it up and burning it (it still owes me one). We had a visit from lots more wild boar who kindly cultivated an even larger patch of land than last time; unfortunately not where we intend to grow crops, rather the road to the stable and around the new house. We got stuck in the van after heavy rainfall last week and had to be rescued by Thunderbird 1 (our friends Steve and Dorota in their Unimog) The first of the snow arrived, although I’m told this wont last and the temperature should lift above zero later in the week. The steel arrived for us to install the soffits, but I managed to put this off claiming that the weather was too cold and windy! And we made it back to Rzemien through the falling snow in time for my English class; but I think I’ll leave that for another post.

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Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

8 thoughts on “Piec off!… then on again, then off again, then on……..”

  1. How marvellous to see all you are doing . Maureen and I are so very proud of you and Goshia All we are doing at Helgas is putting wood on the Aga,and we are lovely and warm Love to you both Uncle Charlie and Aunty Maureen xx

  2. Hi Gosia and Eddy, I have just discovered your blog, it’s good to know what you are up to. BTW there is a lovely pic of Gosia 🙂 She has changed since I saw her last time 🙂 x

    1. Hi Ilona, good to hear from you; if it’s the picture I’m thinking of then you will note how she has adopted the local fashion 🙂 Keep on reading and following, the more comments the better.
      Take care

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