Pan Hilary and szadz

A good Polish title, although not one that makes sense even if you speak Polish!

Gosia has a new name for me, Pan Hilary, and all because I cant remember where my glasses are, even, as was the case earlier today; when I’m wearing them! It refers to a childrens story about a man who looses his glasses and everybody in Poland knows it! I have heard the Pan Hilary tale several times since 🙂

Believe it or not I can’t speak Polish, the occasional please, thank you and asking for milk in your coffee doesn’t count, but I still occasionally come across a word that I really take to and this weeks favourite is szadz. Its one of the few Polish words that I’ve come across that only describes one thing and it doesn’t have six different endings to define it usage in a particular circumstance, a simple word; well except for the pronunciation! And what does it mean? ‘A white covering of frost’ which is what I looked out on this morning whilst using the ‘outdoor facilities’ long before I was awake! (Edit 18th November)  We have had the same every morning since, but we have also had glorious sunny days to compensate which clears the frost as it stretches out its rays. Crisp and dry as they say :0)

Soffit done, bar the edge strip and corner pieces and probably another pack of 200 self tapping bolts to make sure it stays there; but it was essentially done by lunch time. And as I said to Gosia I wanted to use a power tool that made a different noise in the afternoon so I headed to the orchard with the chainsaw to cut out some diseased plumb trees and trim a few unruly branches; a couple more loads of firewood in the tractor back-box ready for chopping. The back-box is great and I’m sure I’ll bore you all with a post about it, including photos, one day; but today as well as transporting our tools to the house it also carried the ‘bean-crock’ from stable to piec for a good slow cooking for tonight’s meal which we shared with Steve and Dorota; very nice it was too, company and food. We also took the opportunity to rack off the cider we made together about a month ago and we are now the proud owners on about 45 litres of a pleasant tasting amber nectar (copyright Fosters) . We have stored it in various containers and hope to produce a sparkling, a strong and a mature cider for Christmas; I’m hoping Dorota will blog in a little more detail and with photos 🙂 When she does I’ll re-blog for you all. I hope it turns out well, we have access to more apples and we discussed making a late vintage; but it may have being the cider talking 🙂 Which may also explain any mistakes you see in this post just before I fall into bed!

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

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