Don’t  panic, not A fire, but THE fire; or should I say the ‘goat’.

We returned to the ranch on Tuesday after a relaxing time back in Rzemien and the weather has turned into what could only be described as British; thick fog, still air and drizzle. I was hoping for something a little colder and crisper, but then I’m sure it’s all to come; surely global warming can’t change a country’s climate that quickly!? The temperature is hovering just shy of double figures by midday and the nights are sticking pretty close to zero degrees C, so as you would expect we are relying on our little goat more and more once the murky sun disappears; 4pm sees me heading of to start the fire to try to get our living quarters up to temperature, especially if you intend on taking a bath.

Unfortunately try as I might to get the stable up to a comfortable 18- 20c I was constantly battling against blow back from the chimney and having to clear the room of smoke and heat in order to breathe. During the  last couple of weeks Gosia had found a pile of coal in the old house, hidden under weeds and rotting wood and I had started to add it to our fuel mix, was this the problem? After a very short brainstorming session we decided we needed a taller outlet to draw the air better. A journey to the builders merchant to buy the required pipe and clamps and I would have everything need to solve the problem.

As with most things there is always something else that has to take priority and the arrival of our doors (at last) and the ‘Studnia’ (bore hole digger) on Tuesday and Wednesday took our minds off the smoke-filled and chilled accommodation; that is until today. Determined to solve our heating problem I took everything apart to install the new pipe section to create more draw; whilst doing so I noticed that the pipes had accumulated quite a bit of soot and thought it would be a good idea to clean this out, after all I had already dismantled everything, and guess what; three hours after lighting the fire we are sitting here in 22c water boiled for the bath and the washing up already done, in T-shirts! It just goes to show that problems can be easily complicated and the easy solution often overlooked, a lesson learned and an entry in the diary to clean the chimney more often 🙂

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

3 thoughts on “Fire!”

  1. One other comment here, keep that stack cleaned out. If the creosote builds up, it can cause a chimney fire, which sounds like several blow torches burning all at once. Verrry scary, I know, because I had one. Try not to burn wet or unseasoned wood…if you do, check the stack every so often. That said, I LOVE my wood heat and you will too!

    1. Thanks for the advice, it’s almost certainly due to burning non seasoned wood so I will make sure I keep it clean; I don’t fancy a fire. All our good dry wood has moved up to the house to fire the ‘piec’ Helping to keep us warm and cooking our food; you’re right its great:)

  2. As I sit here with my lap top I’m enjoying our fire. When I moved to Oregon that was one thing I wanted to have. We got rid of the electric baseboard heaters and put in a wood stove. Now we’ve updated to a wood cook stove, so while we are heating up the place, we can also cook on the surface or bake in the oven. A real win-win.

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