Bhutta aur aloo ki mazedar tarkari

Or should I say Sweet corn and potatoes with mustard seeds and mint; A real winner and vegetarian to boot, definitely one to remember, unfortunately the Shahi korma (Royal beef in a creamy almond sauce) didn’t really come up to scratch; maybe a little mild when served with the afore mentioned aloo. Just as well I also made a spiced lamb biryani to make sure we all had plenty to eat.

Four hours in the kitchen, four hours! And I loved every minute of it 🙂 Although it did cross my mind that my sisters faith in me was misplaced along with her ability to portion size! But as she decided to empty the freezer she also let loose her imagination on what to do with the various bags of meat that came from the frost bitten depths.

Madhur Jaffrey is responsible for the first two dishes and the good old BBC provided me with the step by step for the biryani and whilst I had a few hectic moments, especially near the end, I managed to produce enough food to feed the village. Or alternatively two nephews, my sister and I for two days; including breakfast!

I won’t give you a run down of the recipes as I’m sure you will find them from the references above, just take my word for it, that the Bhutta and Biryani were well worth the effort.

The next day I was pointed in the direction of the World Encyclopaedia of Bread, or should I say my sister presented me with the book and several bookmarks; and Rye bread and a Polish Poopy Seed Roll were demanded as things that would make her feel better:) Of course I obliged and another marathon slog in the kitchen, with time to run to the shops and do the recycling filling in the gaps between the rising of the dough!

Both turned out ok, although I did fall foul of an over enthusiastic fan oven; with both specimens surrounded by a convincing crust, but you live and learn and the following days pita bread turned out just fine. A bad workman always blames his tools, I’m just getting used to the tools I’m working with.

All this activity it’s no wonder why I haven’t blogged a lot recently:)


Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

9 thoughts on “Bhutta aur aloo ki mazedar tarkari”

  1. Living near the world curry capital, about the only thing left of any merit about the city of Bradford, I have given up trying to make Indian food at home although there’s only one restaurant I know that served authentic ‘Indian’ food as distinct from ‘Curry’ – ie English ‘Indian food’ mostly from what is now Pakistan – the Prashad. However, after Gordon Ramsay ‘discovered’ it some of its unique charm was lost; I haven’t been there since it moved and got much larger. I probably wouldn’t like it. There are one or two ‘curry’ places that serve good food. As for bread, I wonder if the Polish bread will work with the breadmaker which I now always use (just to make the dough, still baked in the oven); I’m going to try it. I know what you mean about fan ovens – I’m still struggling with mine after several years – what I’d give for a wood-fired range!

  2. I think it looks a lot like a mouldy baked jam roll, that you have just found down the back of the cooker. Fancy trying to pass it off as some sort of fancy Baltic bread indeed! Nice with a bit of custard, and your eyes closed…

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