Seasonal adjustment

It snowed the day after I arrived back in Poland and it didn’t stop until it had put down at least a foot (30cm), Gosia was traveling down from Holland by coach so understandably I began to worry a bit; but of course this is Poland and it would take more than a foot of the white stuff to stop the wheels turning and Gosia arrived just after 2pm.

Smiles all round and family visits covered the next few days and I settled into my dog walking routine; the deep snow keeping me fit and my boots wet.

Sadly Scooby and Bruder are no longer with us as they both died whilst we were away, foul play is suspected, but cannot be proved. We have consoled ourselves with the fact that at least they had a good eight months whilst we were here before our winter break; certainly for Scooby who was saved from a certain death when we adopted him earlier last year.

It’s hard to go for a walk with Jackie without thinking of them both and they will be remembered for a long while to come.

Of course Jackie is happy we are back and whilst there is snow on the ground she bounces about like a young pup, despite the extra weight and fur she has put on in our absence; clippers and a sausage ban are in order!

As the week went on the snow started to melt, but the temperatures remained low and close to zero making it hard to get motivated and carry out the many mundane tasks that had to be done; my mood was failing to match my normal enthusiasm and even the enticement of vodka as we visited friends failed to truly pick me up and shake me.

But then Monday the 8th of April arrived as a glorious sun filled the room at around six in the morning, a quick look outside showed evidence of a hard frost; the ingredients for the making a crisp and clear day. My usual litre of tea was soon followed by a hearty breakfast of fried eggs and potatoes, before I headed off across fields with Jackie. Thankfully the snow had all but gone, although the melt had left lots of standing water and mud, but thanks to the frost I had a firm surface to walk on and my feet remained dry for the duration.

As the day went on the sun beat down and the temperature began to rise along with my mood, and the shopping trip to town, the MOT on the Niva, the paying of large bills to the electricity company for connection the new house; the clearing of leaves and other debris from the garden; they all passed by without a frown.

I even decided to plant some chillies for propagation on the windowsill; a small token to join the many hundreds of plants that Gosias mum had already started off. And now that we had a road legal vehicle we made plans to head over to Pyrowki in the morning and assess the situation and get cracking on the house:)

So here I am, typing away as the day starts, on my second cup of tea and I’ve just brought Gosia her coffee; the sun isn’t shining but the air is mild and dry and I’m still feeling good; so expect an update on the day and our findings soon.


Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

16 thoughts on “Seasonal adjustment”

  1. Sorry about the dogs. Ya know, It could be unintentional…apparently anti-freeze is very poisonous and dogs love it. If someone leaves some out or doesn’t dispose of it properly, it’ll kill them if they drink it, or so I’m told.
    We’ve got our 15 year old dog that’s still with us, but very arthritic. He get’s pain pills and loves being with us, but we know that it’s getting to be that time.

    On a happy note, I’m glad you’re finally back and am looking forward to progress reports!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, we are both hoping this is spring and we can crack on 🙂 The animal shelter beckons and Scooby and Bruder will live on in our memories.

  2. How sad about the dogs! Despite that news, you seem resolutely upbeat, and getting on with things as usual. It never fails to amaze me how relatively poor countries like Poland cope so well with heavy snow, and terrible winters, yet here in the UK, a small fall of the stuff paralyses most of the country. Good to hear that you are back with Gosia, where you belong.
    Though the dogs may be gone now, we can at least remember their happy life with you, and the long walks spent exploring. regards as ever, Eddy mate. Pete.

    1. Sad indeed, and sad to know that someone is capable of doing it to them; but yes they ahd a good summer last year and will be remembered fondly. The animal shelter will no doubt be having a visit from us soon.
      Hoping to get to the land tomorrow after today’s delay.

  3. We can slowly slowly, feel Spring as well. But we stuck over weekend in our village, local roads still available only for tractors. Today we managed to get to the shop but coming back at noon was again big adventure. Qiute deep snow still around house, so nothing really to do yet – we can enjoy birdwatching and reading your blog, love Ola and John

    1. We ended up delaying our journey today due to the snow, although it didn’t last. We have reports from our neighbour that our road is impassible, so we will be parking at his and walking the rest of the way; as you say a small trip can be a big adventure. Keep feeding the birds 🙂

  4. Can’t say I “like” hearing about the dogs, but I liked the rest. Sorry for the loss of your companions.

    We’re in the middle of a blizzard here, so for the next few days there will be a white blanked masking the blight of men (and women too . . . I don’t want it said I discriminate).

    1. No it’s so sad about the dogs, even sadder that someone would even think about doing such a thing; but it would seem that poison is the only explanation for their rapid demise. We are keeping a close eye on Jackie, although she has had more of a domestic upbringing and tends not to go anywhere on her own.
      Good luck with the blizzard, we ended up calling off today’s trip due to snow five minutes after I posted this, but it only lasted a couple of hours and all evidence has now gone; roll on tomorrow 🙂

      1. It may be they got into something intended for other animals/pests. I only suggest it as an alternative to looking at all your neighbors with suspicion.

        Intentional poisoning does happen, but one would generally know, or have a good idea, of the perpetrators, and usually that only happens after repeated incidents and complaints. But then, I don’t know your neighbors.

      2. You are quite right of course, and I try not to think the worst; thankfully we will be back on our land soon with few neighbours to worry about.

    1. It certainly is, I can’t wait to get going again. It started to snow about 5 minutes after I posted this morning, so plans put back a day, but no more than that I hope 🙂 We will finish one day….one day!:)

    1. Yes good to be back:), I hope you are happy to be back too? I don’t know what to say about the dogs, I’m still a little shocked and expect to see them any day soon as I walk Jackie.

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