150 Kg P = 900 M²

The equation for chips with everything! Or at least the start of the formula that will be expanded upon as time goes by, ah yes time; x T 🙂

Well maybe not chips as I can only recall having them a few times last year and only twice so far this year when I was in the UK, but it’s certain that we will be eating potatoes in some variation on a fairly regular basis once our crop comes through.

So let me explain, we (Gosia) planted six 25Kg sacks of seed potatoes on Tuesday the 23rd, covering an area of approximately nine hundred square meters, I would have loved to have helped, but as ever I just happened to be doing something else 🙂 Although, with the aid of Kazek, his son Pawel, a tractor and a planting machine the work was done in a little less than an hour. Unfortunately for me the deal is that as I missed the planting I’m now in charge of weeding and pest control!

It has to be said that as the ground hasn’t been worked for over 12 years and with the minimal preparation that we have done, it was considered ‘not too good’ for planting potatoes. However I insisted that we plant as I have read in the past that spuds will dig the land for you; something that my Uncle backed up as he has memories from his childhood on a post war small holding that concur; the best way to bring old land back into play is to plant it up with potatoes; we will see.

This left quite a chunk of land, so we set aside about 1000 M² for vegetable crops and the following day, the 24th, set about broadcasting 150 Kg of oats we had on the remaining 7000 M². Once again I was busy with something else and Kazek and Gosia paced the field for a good couple of hours scattering the seed as they went; I did get involved in setting up top-up points throughout the land to enable easy refilling of buckets, but other than that my input was minimal; thankfully it’s not a crop that needs weeding!

Broadcasting the oats
I was busy taking a photo 🙂

The primary reason for oats is to provide food for livestock in the future; it is also a very easy crop to grow and should do well without any further intervention, even on our heavy clay soil. As a reminder for myself, it is not recommended to grow oats on the same land in successive years, so I will have to investigate what we do next year; but that’s a long way off 🙂

One final note, again to myself, the potatoes were free and will provide any future seed requirements, the oats came in at 100 Zloty (£20) and fuel costs so far 450 Zloty (almost £100). We have of course more fuel cost to come at harvest time so that will have to be added to the equation, but if fuel costs keep going up like this I can see that we will be giving up the stable for a few horses, we should at least be able to feed them next year 🙂

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

10 thoughts on “150 Kg P = 900 M²”

  1. Nice to see sowing by hand, and really interesting to see how much everything costs. It will be cool to see what everything adds up to at the end of the season.

    That is a lot of potatoes, we planted by hand this year, I think I only managed 20kg of our 50 odd kg. We have six 20m rows, about 85 potatoes per row. This should be enough for the family.

    You mentioned about seed potato for next year. I read that to use potatoes for seed they need to be grown above 200m, or something. Are you at above this where you are, or will you just experiment?

    1. Mor than enough spuds for sure, but then they are very versatile at feeding human and animals. Never heard that about seed before, all ours come from low land farmland, in saying that we are way above 200m so we should have some good seed next year 🙂
      Cost is key for sure; I hope I can keep on top if the records.

  2. I remember well from the days when I had gardens, sometimes quite large ones, that sowing potatoes is indeed a good way to ‘break in’ (or should that be ‘break up’) untended land. However, I always suspected that actually it was lifting the potatoes which did this. Do you get Colorado beetles there? When I was in Romania I was impressed that the smallholders didn’t spray with some poison but just went around regularly picking them off. Truly ‘organic’ (stupid term that) and it showed in the taste.

    1. Oh yes, the beetles are here alright, but I’m going to pick them off by hand; no sprays here! We have lots of woodland nearby and wild pasture, so there is a good chance that nature will give me a hand; the spuds are just starting to come through so my early morning patrols will be starting soon 🙂

  3. My wife planted our puny 5 rows of potatoes and we thought that was great. I can’t even begin to think in large areas like what you’re doing.
    What was I doing while she’s planting? Something very important…taking pictures. 🙂

    1. Art is hard work 🙂 With the aid of the planter the job was done in no time; but it can be boring loading the potatoes into the revolving wheel. I was mixing lime render, honest 🙂

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