June, or is it July already

It seems like an age since I last posted and sure enough it’s three weeks! We have had such a busy time with volunteers arriving, working and leaving, not to mention the on going work schedule which they have contributed to beyond my expectations. I almost don’t know where to start, so I’ll go back to the post I started to write about ten days ago over a pre-breakfast breakfast of Marmite (my last jar!) on toast. And with todays schedule full of family events the update may arrive in a couple of parts; who knows.

24th –27th June: With the impending arrival of our first volunteers (updated 14th July)  we changed focus from the terrace to improving the facilities, number one on my list was to finish off the second composting toilet which I started work on over a month ago; when I say started work on I mean I had thought about it a lot and poured some foundations! Three days later, in amongst other jobs that seemed to crop up, the toilet was completed. Gosia took charge of getting the house in order and we even managed to lay a concrete floor in the boiler room in preparation for the installation of a water tank; one step closer to the elusive tap.


Thursday evening saw us taking a trip to Tarnow to pick up Iulia and Alexandra, volunteers from Romania who have recently qualified as architects and wanted to get some hands on experience. We soon discovered that they had been on quite an adventure staying in France, Spain and Italy over the last couple of months; we hoped that they would not be too shocked with their new home for the next week or so.

28th June: After walking the dogs, having breakfast, tending to the vegetable garden and pottering around in general until about 9am we came to the conclusion that our newly arrived help had decided to call a taxi in the middle of the night to escape the medieval living conditions that had been presented to them the night before.

Or, as was the case, they simply had a lie in 🙂

29th June to 2nd July: Alexandra and Iulia seemed to love the place and where eager to help out, the perfect volunteers, so we offered them the task of painting the part built terrace with the boiled linseed oil that we are using as a preservative. A job well done and completed in a couple of days.

The evenings have started to liven up as friends and neighbours pop in to meet someone crazy enough to want to work for free; beer and bimber keep spirits high, not to mention Gosias cooking, which as ever brings a smile to everyone’s face and a roundness to the belly 🙂

Fresh ideas are bounced around and the observant eyes of our visiting architects spot a potential problem with our windows, or should I say the surrounds. Recent study of French design mean the we knock back the clay and start again to offer a wider angle for light to enter the building. Gold stars awarded and a new task is offered to our willing volunteers.

……..to be continued…..

By the way I have put a few new pics on the volunteers page, but I hope to continue and catch up soon; good night 🙂

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

13 thoughts on “June, or is it July already”

  1. Good to see you here after I too have had a rather long absence – lots of work and I too have a volunteer but while you’ve got yours painting the loo or something with boiled oil I’ve got mine – from Germany – working on a social marketing project for me (or rather for the charity for which I work). He’s great!

    1. Cheers Tyke, work has to come first as you know; but great to catch up and reflect. The great thing about volunteers is that they always approach things with enthusiasm. Here’s to volunteers

      1. Absolutely! Would you believe that we have a team of over 70 at the charity, ranging from school kids to our longest serving, Mona, who is 81 and still does a day in the office every week after 16 years and additionally helps out with various fund-raising events.

  2. Good to hear from you…glad to see your progress. One question on the second compost toilet…it looks great, but is it ‘wireless?’ 🙂

    1. Nail and screws, no wires!
      When we bring the internet up to the house from the barn it probably will be, I just need to sort out some solar power and I could install a toilet entertainment system 🙂

  3. Heh, I’m half-tempted to come spend a few weeks with you while off on my planned adventures but the airfares would be prohibitive. I’d love to see the place and meet you in preson though!

  4. (AHA!- comments working with you at least)
    That toilet looks lush Eddy mate. I am tempted to fly over with two rolls of Andrex, just to give it a good go. Great news about those volunteers, it must really liven things up in Winkoville. I like the sound of the long evenings, chatting, drinking, and sampling Gosia’s cuisine. Not so sure about my ability to do the donkey work though, not at my age, or in my physical condition.
    We have had a taste of Polish weather, 27-29 degrees, sweltering stuff mate, and not before time.
    Sounds like it is all good, and it is great to see you back on the blog.
    Regards to you (all) from Norfolk. Pete.

    1. Andrex, I dream of Andrex, no such luxury here; ripped up newspaper…if your lucky:)
      Food, drink and conversation, beats the telly any day; that’s if we had one!
      Glad to hear you are having a good spell of weather, long overdue. All the best

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