Streaming or running?

Not a common modern day dilemma but one that we have faced over the last month or so. Running water or streaming internet; we have both, sadly in different locations!

First of all we lost a bucket, well not so much lost as left it in an unreachable place; the bottom of the well. For three years I have turned the handle 49 times to retrieve another 10 litres of ice cold crystal clear water to be used in brews, broths and baths, and not once did I check to see if the plastic coated steel wire cable was showing signs of wear or rust. Of course after hearing the crash of the bucket as it descended 25 meters to the bottom of the black holed well I swore that I would check the next cable at least once a month.

Several, unsuccessful, attempts with hooks and magnets to retrieve the receptacle narrowed down our options to calling the fire brigade, telling them that we suspected a child had fallen down the well ‘and whilst your checking can you get our bucket’ or employing the local well cleaner to don his harness; which we had to rule out as he is still recovering from his latest fall (from a tree).

Of course we could have simply purchased another bucket and sent that down for water collection, but when you have the modern day wonder of running water available only 250 meters away in a house that provides protection from the elements, it seemed sensible to move up to the house, leave the bucket to rest and if we needed the internet then we could always go back to the stable and log on as required. Mind you the half kilometre walk and the isolation of the stable for an hour or two, when there is work to be done, have left these pages blank and without comment for quite a while now.

A poor excuse I know, not that I have to excuse my absence from the blog, but I have missed it, the people the reader and the comments and for those of you who have commented then thank you; I’ll try not to leave it so long next time to reply 🙂


Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

14 thoughts on “Streaming or running?”

  1. Good to see you. I wasn’t sure whether it was the reader messing up again, perfectly good emails going into spam, or you’d fallen down the well. Glad to hear it was (only) a bucket.

  2. My wife and I chuckled over the thought of asking the fire brigade to retrieve the bucket while looking for a ‘lost child.’
    I’ve been thinking all day of how to latch onto it…nothing comes to mind. So now I’m wondering how you’re going to get the internet up to the house, because as my wife says…”Gosia is not going to be too pleased to let Eddy off work to spend an hour or two on the internet.” I know I wouldn’t get away with it. 🙂

  3. That has got to rate up there with the weirdest excuses ever for not being on the blog Eddy. You should have just put it down to being newlyweds mate!
    One day, that bucket will feature on a Polish version of ‘Time Team’, with some obscure reasoning as to how it came to be left there. At least you will always have that legacy…
    Great to ‘have you back’ anyway. All the best to you both from Norfolk. Pete.

    1. Cheers Pete, good to be back, although I never managed to get another post out today as I had hoped. Back to the land in the morning and if I don’t put the work in I fear Gosia may send me down to get the bucket!

      1. Hello!

        I’m hanging in here, just doing a lot of blog reading and having a constant whirl of Tiny Home design plans in my thoughts.

        I need to do a bit of catching up on your blog – you have had some interesting travels lately, I see. 🙂


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