Nuts, lumps, bumps and pumps

I know, I know, it’s a while since I posted; what can I say!

Events as ever have moved us (me) in unexpected directions and all I can do is try and stick to the road and hope that I don’t pick up too many points on my license on the way! And whilst this brief account of recent events only scratches the surface these are certainly the highlights.

Nuts: I reckon about 50Kg, maybe more; it’s very hard to tell for sure, but the plastic trays and cardboard boxes that littered the floor of the house indicated a good harvest of walnuts.

It almost seemed to happen overnight, the cold air crept in, the wind kicked up, the rain came down and the nuts began to fall; at times it was almost dangerous to be under the half dozen walnut tress, that we inherited with the land, for fear of concussion.  This windfall also coincided with the annual mushroom hunting season and the pear trees lightening their load, so my morning walk with the dogs often saw me returning with a bucket full of walnuts, mushrooms and pears, even the occasional chilli; as well as two well exercised dogs after a good long outing.

Lumps: One thing you can be certain of when you are building a straw bale house is that you will always have lumps in your clay, although our tactic of using refined clay from the brick factory has taken quite a bit of work out of the whole process, it can still resemble a badly made industrial strength custard on occasion. Needless to say that we ploughed on with the rendering of the house with clay slip and then clay render, lumps and all,; firstly with the help of friends of ours that stayed on after the wedding and then with new volunteer Sam and a return visit from volunteer and friend Paul. Many thanks to all involved. Gosia and I even managed to finish the first and second coat on the second floor before the cold snap crept in and everybody had gone home the the relative and respective warmth of Ireland, Scotland and England.

Bumps: Whilst the pictures may not show, the reality of living flesh clearly indicates that Gosia is with child! I know this seems all very sudden and the thought of shotguns may be in some peoples minds, but the wedding was planned, unlike the bump, and no one was struck down by lightening at the alter despite the countries high religious values. I have to say that we are both delighted and excited, especially me as I will have an addition to the workforce in three or four years time! But with only four months to go until out little girl is born, a new urgency is upon us to get the house habitable as soon as possible, certainly for next winter.

Pumps: Of course we knew the news quite a while ago, so much so that I put a few feelers out for work at the wedding, and as luck would have it a job offer came my way from long time friends of ours back in Jersey. I have to say that this has turned out far better than I could have imagined as not only do I have a job at the local petrol station, I’m also lodging with my new boss for the winter just 500 yards away from work. A full shift plus ‘special projects’ to keep me occupied is exactly what I needed to fund the heating system and keep me occupied whilst returning to my old home of Jersey. Having spent so much of my adult life here I still have affection for this small Island in the Channel and I hope to post a few pictures of my favourite spots whilst I visit.

So there you go, a brief account of the last month or so, filling in, but leaving many gaps for my later recollection. I would of course tap on the keyboard a little longer and I hope to do so soon, but for now my job is done, I have at last updated the blog; I can sleep well tonight 🙂

My new desktop, to keep me motivated whilst working over the winter.

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

12 thoughts on “Nuts, lumps, bumps and pumps”

  1. Congratulations on the forthcoming new arrival…”Winkette” I love it.
    How lucky you are to get all those walnuts. My wife keeps telling me how healthy walnuts are. We can’t grow them here.
    Four months to go? That puts it the big day in February…maybe Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you Pat! Pete has a way with words and I think Winkette may stick 🙂
      The walnuts are fantastic, a great substitute for pine nuts when making pesto, and for us a lot cheaper! Not to mention all the cakes and other goodies that Gosia will make from them. I must look at the export market for the future 🙂

  2. About the nuts:
    They are so expensive. We used to buy the left over ones in the store after the Christmas holidays at a cheaper price. But it seems they are not stocking so many and there are no leftovers. I have one jar of shelled pecans in the ice box from years ago. I mean like five years ago. I can’t bear to use it up. Probably rotten by now. 😦

    About the lumps and pumps:
    I hope you know what you are doing. 🙂

    About the bumps:

    1. :)Thank you. If only I had realised what was going to happen; I should have taken more notice at school! I have since read that I should put a pebble in my shoe to prevent further pregnancy! I also heard that aspirin is a great contraceptive; if held between the knees 🙂

      1. ?

        . . . the house looks very nice, I like walnuts, I like playing with mud, and I am happy for the both of you. No “think” about it.

  3. I don’t know Eddy. Gosia with child, you relaxing in a millionaire’s playground, chomping unlimited supplies of walnuts, and I thought that your self-sufficient life was supposed to be hard!
    Great to see you back, and congratulations to you and Gosia on the forthcoming arrival of the first Winkette. (As she will forever be known in Beetley)
    Regards from Norfolk as always, Pete.

    1. As ever you capture the moment and tell I as it really is Pete, thank you 🙂 As for Winkette, I can already see the name (The Winkettes) printed on the drums; only another three to go!

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