Forgive the false advertising, but puppy pictures seem to work on my few Facebook followers 🙂

I have read about it, done the research, even chuckled to myself as I have heard of other peoples accounts of it happing. Joseph Jenkins explains that it happened to him from 1993 to 1997; that’s four years that he knows of whilst he was monitoring!

Even still, the proud feeling from the construction of my poor mans composting thermometer melted away as I checked the core temperature of my humanure pile a couple of weeks ago when I visited the land, I had hit 0°C and I am left with a pile of shice!

Further reading allays my fears and thankfully it’s nothing to worry about, as time goes by it will stop happening altogether, as long as I keep the faith and keep piling on the poo!

Off course I have sprung to action and I sprinkle the pile at every opportunity as and when I visit the land; a valid reason for my copious tea consumption. All I need now is some unadulterated child fec … there’s a stroke of luck! Yet another incentive to get the house habitable as soon as possible:)

Talking of child benefits we visited the local national insurance office today (CRUZ) to put in our claim for sleepless nights and nappy changing. Unlike the UK you receive a one off payment and depending on your earnings you may be entitled to a little bit extra and reduced national insurance contributions for the next five years; seems reasonable?

I have to say I was impressed by the officials stance; questioning us, checking our plans, motives and if we were already claiming money from the UK government. They assured us that there is an agreement between the nations and that they would find out if we were the recipients of multiple benefits; I wonder if claimants in the UK are asked similar questions or made aware of the consequences of claiming twice? As it happens I checked up on this and in the UK you are left to make a declaration on the form you have to fill in to claim child benefit; hardly the kind of small print even an English native speaker would bother to read!

I may have mentioned before that I am in the habit of downloading podcasts from Radio 4 to keep me entertained whilst walking the dogs, unfortunately The Archers omnibus only keeps me going for one decent walk and so I have taken to listening to various other broadcasts. One that I favour is More or Less (behind the stats) ‘Tim Harford investigates numbers in the news. Numbers are used in every area of public debate. But are they always reliable? Tim and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us’

One program that struck me more than most was about immigration, the hot topic in the UK that politicians seem to skate around as they don’t know how to separate EU immigration from other immigration for fear of it becoming a racial issue (in my humble opinion) Have a listen here.

The  fact, if you believe what is said in the program, is that EU immigrants have made a net contribution to the British economy since 1995. It is only when you include figures for all immigrants that this figure becomes a negative. An EU immigrant puts in about £6k a year, where as a non EU immigrant takes out about £21k, and as for the UK nationals then we take out about £11k a year. No wonder the country is in so much debt! Well worth a listen if you have the time.

And time is the one thing I have run out of; it’s time to collect some compost 🙂

Just for those who couldn’t see the puppy picture, here it is 🙂

Taking it easy after a feed
Taking it easy after a feed

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

13 thoughts on “Shice!”

  1. You are right about immigration Eddy, it is a racial issue. They have published the facts about immigrant entrepreneurs actually employing UK nationals, and reducing unemployment, not creating it, but it all gets lost in the UKIP rhetoric.
    As for your ‘Shice’, I have peed near the oak tree once, when I was locked out, but that’s the extent of my knowledge, I’m afraid.
    Cheers mate, Pete. (Good to see your posts reappearing!)

    1. Half of me loves politics, the other thinks it’s futile, but only because ‘the people’ don’t bother; if only people cared enough then things might actually change…….as for the serious issue of a frozen humanure pile, I’ll be casting my vote soon:) Good to be posting again Pete, always appreciate your encouragement. Now get off the computer and finish your weekend in peace 🙂

  2. After my pile cooled down to 20 Deg C I added some 3 buckets of horse manure, pored some 6 buckets of water over it (pretty dry season lately, huh?) and all of the earthwarms have been gone as the temp rised to 50 deg C in 2 days.

    btw, KRUS not CRUS 🙂

    1. Cheers Rafal, for the tip on composting and spelling:) You are so right, the season is so dry, I checked our old well by sending the bucket down and I couldn’t draw any water (25 rings deep); very surprising for this time of year.

  3. No worries, Eddy! Even without the heat, your bin is still working hard making sweet, crumbly compost for you! Also, the thermophiles will return when the fresh supply of poo returns! That will hopefully be soon if Spring ever make sit around, Oh, and I’ll take a pic of a mushroom over a puppy any day! 😉

    1. The more time I spend over at the house the closer I’m getting to the top of the bucket; any day now! And as the weather gets better then I’m sure I get more help filling the buckets 🙂

  4. compost, becikowe, immigration, PUPPY!! that picture trumps it all 🙂 I seriously need one of those, how and when can we adopt?? x

    1. I had a lot on my mind 🙂 Only four pups left unfortunately; nature can be cruel. We have quite a few people lined up for them, but then it will be eight weeks before we let them go (6 weeks from now), after their injections and the like. We will probably have a better idea about how big they are going to be by then as well; perhaps then you will change your mind 🙂 But if your serious then you know you are always welcome to visit and take a pup back with you:)

  5. Ah drat, I see no puppies as I visit your site. That’s ok though, I find the Humanure update very interesting! I’m embarrassed to admit I do not take my compost heap’s temperature. However, I watch as it changes quickly – where I currently live, everything rots at an accelerated pace so I’m not too worried.

    Here’s hoping all turns out well for your family, from fec to finances. 🙂


    1. Thank you Parker, I’m hopeful that things will warm up with the weather, which is slowly improving. I only use the thermometer to demonstrate how hot things get to non believers, and there are plenty of them 🙂
      I popped in a puppy pick just for you, I know how disappointing it can be when you are promised a puppy and get a mushroom!

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