A picture post

 As the title implies my camera and computer bumped into each other after a short time apart, so it was nice to catch up.

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

7 thoughts on “A picture post”

    1. With a crying child and a nagging wife things have a habit of progressing 🙂 Only joking, of course, but yes you can start to see the outline of a house inside 🙂

  1. Awesome pics Eddy! I love the cross-hatch look on the scratch coat! We’re behind you a bit in that department, but soon to be hitting it hard! Aren’t you glad things like that kitchen sink are temporary? 😉 We sure know how that is! It feels good to turn those temporary things into their permanent selves – very satisfying! That’s an impressive number of plants in the ground too! You’re no fool to grow and store as much as possible, as food prices are expected to continue to rise, and they are already very high. Plus, there’s no contest in quality or flavor between the supermarket produce and home grown veg. I like hearing of your progress, as it inspires me to get busy and assures me I’m on the right track. Keep up the progress!

    1. Thanks Mike \ Cara, you always have a way of making me feel that it’s all worthwhile with you comments, you of all people actually know what it’s like 🙂 We pressed on this last week as the weather was so bad and we have almost finished the final coat of lime on the first floor, I hope to update with some more pictures soon. You are right about the food, one of our aims is to live for less than 1000 Zloty per month (about $250) so the more we can grow and preserve the better, hopefully we will have the basement finished with cooker and sink for large scale preserving in the autumn 🙂 Good luck and Stolat, Stolat! for the 25th 🙂

  2. Some great shots Eddy. Denis looks cute curled up under the pram, and Malina looks so happy in the first photo. The weather seems good too!
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

    1. Cheers Pete, hope all is well in Norfolk. It’s all coming together although the weather took a turn for the worse and we have had a months worth of rain this last 10 days. Still the forecast is good and we should be in the 30’s by the end of the week, fingers crossed. All the best, The Winkos.

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