Vampire update


Well I said I would update you once I had tested out the wooden stakes and so far they are holding, as expected!

I wish I had pictures of this old handmade cup holder before we smartened it up a bit.

Recycled cup rack

We found it in a friends barn along with some other bits and bobs which we liberated before they became firewood. A clean up and sand down, added a bit of beading to make sure the plates stayed put, plus some creative work with old pallet boards, a wooden cake tray and some panelling off cuts to replace the missing draws. A coat of home made chalk paint topped off with some of Gosias pottery. A worthy piece for my three wooden stakes, I think.

Incidentally Gosia made the curtains from an old duvet cover that she bought at the market for less than the cost of a loaf of bread, luckily I wasn’t hungry!

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

18 thoughts on “Vampire update”

  1. Well, I have to tell you I hesitated before hitting the follow button once I realized there were no real vampires to be found here, but hey, I like a great piece of wood-working as much as the next guy, and your’s is superb, as are the curtains. And you did visit my page after all, so OK, you got a new follower, and from the looks of things, I got the better part of that deal. So thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you soon.

    1. Believe me Malina is a vampire in the making, watch this space!
      Thank you for the follow and compliment, I liked your back story and will be sure to head back when time allows, your worms sound interesting 🙂

  2. Great job Eddy. I’m just going to embark on a little project to ‘renovate’ a well-worn £1000 chair I picked up for £20. If it works I’ll be posting about it (come to think of it, I’ll post if it doesn’t!).

    1. Cheers Roger. It sounds like you made a good find so good luck, mind as we both know things are only worth what people will pay for them! I look forward to seeing the results. Is it something you have done before, renovation?

      1. Well, I have in the distant past ‘renovated’ (my partner at the time might quarrel with the word) a 17th century house, including rebuilding an enormous sit-in fireplace with bread ovens, etc, installing a massive oak beam found in a field (using a Landrover jack), and installing oak panelling I ripped out of an old ruin, but the little project I’m about to embark on is something completely new for me. I hope to do it (or at least start it) over the next weekend (I was in Leeds yesterday to buy the ‘bits’) – my guess is four days work.

    1. Thank you Parker, Gosia has picked up so many things over time without even considering if I’m capable of fixing them 🙂 Still I like a challenge and a good boss with creative instructions 🙂

  3. I was a bit worried about the use of those wooden stakes. lol Glad they are now being used for a good purpose. Love the coffee cup holder and the colorful curtains. 🙂

    1. It’s a very white kitchen, pictures to follow soon when Gosia is happy with it, so the red curtains bring much needed colour. Although what do I know, I’m just the help!

  4. That looks great, Eddy. It’s surprising how those wooden stakes can hold so much weight. The curtains are a real ‘homey’ touch too. Good luck with repairing all the odd bits of furniture…(I’ve got a shed full of bits of this and that also. The pile seems to grow by itself.)

    1. Cheers Pat, I had every faith in the stakes, having knocked them in with a hammer. I hope to update with more kitchen photos soon, as soon as Gosia thinks it finished:)

  5. I have to say that looks very nice indeed, and would look even nicer on the wall above my plate cupboard in the kitchen/diner in Beetley. Perhaps you should go into the rack business old mate? Good work from all involved, including the duvet cover curtains!
    Cheers to all. Pete. x

    1. Thank you Pete. Unfortunately for me Gosia thinks that I did such a good job she has started to dig out old bits of furniture to ‘do up’ 🙂 Sadly I have become a little bit addicted and my sacred cellar if filling with ‘work in progress’ furniture fast, delusional in the thought that I can actually repair them. All the best, Eddy

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