The great God of Thaw!

No crash of thunder or flash of lightening; no, just a gentle warming, trickle of water and a chance to see the grass again below the snow. I like Thaw, he’s a nice God, and he came to visit us three days ago.

After our first imprisonment this year, we were finally released from a seven day lock down on the use of the vehicle. Whilst the snow wasn’t that bad, the drifts that covered our two possible escape routes were way above the Nivas sump and without one hell of a lot of shovelling there was no way out other than on foot.

To be honest it’s wasn’t that bad, we did run out of milk, but not for long as Gosia hitched a ride with the neighbours to get provisions. A short walk down the hill and a longer walk back with a rucksack and shopping bag!

It has been cold, which on it’s own is no real problem, but it was backed up with some pretty strong winds which pushed the limits of our poorly sealed windows. Unfortunately one of the jobs I never completed last year was the external window sills and insulation round the French doors onto the terrace, so the wind kept finding it’s way in and keeping the temperatures down on the few extreme nights we have had.

Not that it’s that bad, don’t get me wrong, I keep the boiler stoked and the temperature stays close to 20ºC and we have only resorted to using coal twice when the temperature dropped to -16ºC and that was more for Malina than us. I’m just a little disappointed with myself that I never sealed the building better.

Still it will be spring soon and whilst the weather is dry and sunny, like it was today, then we pick up quite a bit of solar gain through the windows. There was no need to fire up until the sun went down today and we picked up a tank full of hot water (48ºC) from the solar panels and it was only 8ºC outside! Anything free is always sweet to a Yorkshireman.

Anyhow, just a short post to keep me in the swing of things, I’m busy fulfilling promises I made which must be completed by the weekend for Gosias birthday and names day, these Catholics have a good deal!

And now to try and catch up on a few of your posts I haven’t read yet.


Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

19 thoughts on “The great God of Thaw!”

    1. I quickly checked the cast of the 1963 classic Jason an the Argonauts (the heart of my Greek education) hoping for a witty retort, sadly no Thor, only a Zeus 🙂

  1. You know, I think some of my ancestors may have come from up around your area. My childhood history is somewhat confusing with my father having told me at various times (depending on what was being served to drink with dinner) that he was born in Austria, or Poland, or Ukraine?! I believe the actual city was called Turnopoll. With his birth certificate in one of those languages, and my own language being confined to English (the only language my father had in common with my French mother), I may never know the truth, but it does keep me fascinated, as does your entire Blog, and I say that with true sincerity, and the utmost respect sir.

    1. Thanks for popping by again and pushing up my stats, I’m glad you are finding it interesting, thank you. I hope to get over to your site today with a bit of time on my hands 🙂
      You know in a way your dad could have been right in that parts of Ukraine were Polish at one time and both Poland and Ukraine were part of the Austro-Hungarian empire times past. Historically it’s a fairly volatile part of the world and as recent events rage on I just hope history doesn’t repeat itself too much!
      All the best from a Brit in Poland, Eddy

  2. A cm or two is all we’ve had here – a bit more on the tops but nothing like yours. Tried to snow today (16th) but not yet successfully. Best day was Sunday after Christmas when there was maybe 5cm up on Ilkley Moor and we had a great walk in it.

  3. Eddy! Don’t be too hard on yourself about not sealing the house up good enough! I am in my third winter in our still-not-finished house and I’m still battling the wind making it’s way in! It finds the smallest spots and feels like a frozen gale coming through! The doors are the worst! I keep thinking I need to get the major stuff done before details like filling cracks, but I usually think that when it’s warm out! Only a few months until Spring! 😉 When do you start seeds for some of those awesome Polish tomatoes? I’ve grown a few heirloom varieties from there and they always impress.

    1. I know, I know, I guess I was having a bad day. The sun has shone the last few days and the wind is having a rest so I can see spring around the corner (wishful thinking).
      I normally get my chillies started the second week of Feb, the tomatoes not long after. Looking at the harvest you had last year I should be asking you for advice, when do you start yours off?
      Hope all is well over there, take care, Eddy, Gosia, Malina.

  4. A couple of weeks ago I added Pstragowa onto my weather channel. As I was looking at the data I commented to my wife…”Looks like a bunch of snow, I wonder if Eddy ever gets snowed in up there.” So I’m glad you’re thawing out some now, but this is only January…you’ll probably get more snow I would imagine. I hope you can plug those leaks pretty soon.
    Uh, did I miss your post on installing a solar hot water system? 48C is a very decent temperature for the winter time as a pre-heater. What kind of system are you using? Evacuated tube? How large is your tank? Pat

    1. I think you are right Pat, it’s only the start of winter really, more to come I’m sure, but enjoying this warm spell.
      I almost as behind with the blog as I am with the jobs Gosia has given me 🙂 Evacuated tubes yes, 300l tank. 36C today so I’m happy. I’ll do a post soon on the ‘engine room’ as I like to call it, maybe work up trough the house.

    1. Glad we’re on the same page . . . I too love that I’m not wrong.

      . . . one would think that after so many years of it, it would get old, but I still enjoy it immensely.

  5. Sorry to hear that the weather kept you home, even with the 4×4 Niva! We have our water at 60 degrees. Is 48 enough? It makes me feel churlish, to complain about +3. and hail. Will you be able to sort out the window sealing when the weather is better? I feel myself getting concerned now.
    Thanks for the update anyway. I hope that things improve now you have that thaw. Pete.

    1. No danger of cabin fever 🙂 To be honest its no bother at all, Malina getting bored because we wouldn’t take her outside was the biggest hardship.
      I top up the heat with the boiler, it’s steaming when it hits the shower floor:)
      The windows shouldn’t be a problem, as I said I’m just disappointed with myself, my ‘it’ll be right’ attitude is a little selfish and I know I should have done the job properly when I had the chance, but please don’t worry, I’m sitting here in a t-shirt and joggers and I know that without the strong winds it’ll still be nice and warm in the morning without the need to keep the heating on all night.
      Cheers, Eddy

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