Potatoes and eggs

It’s clearly blood from a fresh kill in the picture, which has nothing to do with this post, but a picture of Malina is bound to get more readers than a picture of a spud or an egg for that matter 🙂

When I first worked in Jersey, as an excavator of tubers of the royal kind, I was often billeted in humble accommodation, not that this bothered me as I was young and spent most of my time working or down the pub!

One particular farm that I worked on belonged to the Priaulx family and I worked alongside two sons who kept up a relentless pace which they had no doubt inherited from their father. Both of them strong and wily, they would toss around the potato sacks like stuffed toys, which was fine unless you were the person who had to catch the 50lb sacks!

One evening the lads came to visit our barn, the two newly arrived young lady potato pickers from Wales may have something to do with it, and we proceeded to chat about this that and the other, helped along by several cans of Mary Ann Special. Oddly the lads declined any alcohol, but not that strange that we worried about it too much.

The conversation came round to food, probably as we had something cooking and it was time to eat and as polite hosts we asked if the brothers would like to join us. It was probably a curry, spag bol, chilli or some other two ring special if I had anything to do with it!

Both declined explaining that they had already eaten, ‘what did you have?’ was the obvious question, to which came the reply ‘potatoes and eggs’

For whatever reason we must have pursued this further, looking for the the secret diet that had produced such fine specimens of men, only to be told that they only ever had potatoes and eggs! ‘Nothing else?’ ‘Yes, bread and jelly for lunch’.

Now the reason I’m mentioning this is not to ridicule the Priaulx boys, on the contrary, I’m writing this as a sign of solidarity, as my diet, for breakfast at least, is more often than not potatoes and eggs, and for lunch,egg and chips or maybe tortilla!

After a successful harvest of Raleighs finest discovery we were left with more than a tonne to fill the pivnica (root cellar) and given the supply of eggs from friends and family, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this bounty.

In fact the pivnica is serving us well, with sacks of onions, carrots, celeriac, parsnips and swede, not to mention the garlic, leeks, cabbage, sauerkraut, and mass of pumpkins. Every morning, as I take the dogs for a walk, I ask Gosia if she needs anything for the day and I invariably come back with my pockets full.

I always send Jackie first just in case we have any unwanted guests, but to be honest they would be long gone by the time I open the second door. Still Jackie enjoys the task of checking.

Waiting for the second door to be opened.
Checking for unwanted guests








We do go through the easily accessible veg in store at least once a week and recently had to remove about a dozen pumpkins with the rot setting in to take out the seeds for drying. This is the point when I wished we had our pigs already as the pulp would have been great fodder for them. Still we had soup and recently discovered pumpkin fritters on the menu for a few days, not to mention over a kilo of dried seeds to snack on and add to various recipes. Extremely good for you by all accounts and with over thirty still left in storage it will be while before we run out.

Now all I have to do is come up with a breakfast menu which includes them 🙂

And for the vampire lovers out there:




Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

21 thoughts on “Potatoes and eggs”

    1. Good advice, thank you and thanks for the follow. I was planning to come back to you soon as you have some serious experience that I’m sure I will enjoy learning from as I read more.

    1. Rats! Or very big mice:) The dogs get lucky and catch one every now and again, but as a rule we don’t see them just the evidence. Air rifle or cat, we will end up with one or the other soon, if not both 🙂

      1. cat or rat terrier . . . armed with an air rifle.

        You could also do live traps, and then drown them . . . or give them a good scolding.

  1. That’s a cute picture of Malina. She’s been busy pushing up her teeth.
    I looked at your pivnica back in Jan. 2013. It was empty. Now it looks like you’re set up with enough food for, well, a long time. Nice going!

    1. She does cute quite well, especially now her teeth are making an appearance, although she put away her fangs for the photo!
      With Malina helping us to eat through the pivnica it won’t last us long 🙂

      1. I have just looked into my dic it seems in british eng the proper ver shall sth like “slavonicisation”, am I right?

        as to email…. not direcly into my inbox but need to check spam folder.
        I thought U had no time to reply…

      2. Oh we don’t do verbs and nouns and all that nonsense. Past, present and future tense is the only thing worth bothering about, at least that’s what I tell the students I have 🙂
        Let me know about the email, it was only a link to the bucket man so I’ll post here if you still want.

  2. Great pic of Malina, and I like the story about the strange brothers in Jersey. I wonder what they are doing now?
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the pigs feasting on pumpkin pulp one day as well. Maybe I am a little strange too…Cheers Eduardo. Pete.

    1. Both brothers alive and well, I saw them both on my last visit to Jersey, although they have jobs outside of the farm now so I’m guessing their diets have changed, maybe not?!
      Gosia keeps telling me about all the jobs I have to do before the pigs, I keep agreeing with her, but I reckon the spring 🙂

  3. Potatoes and eggs, potatoes and eggs. All very nice. All very nice. 🙂
    BUT what I can’t understand is after your teaser of Malina on the front of the reader………when I click on your entry…..Malina is not there. ?????
    Where did you hide her? Usually the main picture in the reader appears after clicking to read the blog. 😦
    I need to know that trick. lol

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