A busy week

Well I should say three days, as my brother in-law and two nephews turned up on Thursday to help out on the cold and neglected upstairs!

Of course I had pottered about early in the week finishing many small jobs that remain on the ground floor; finishing the bathroom door frame, putting a few more touches to the kitchen, chopping more wood and planting garlic which I had completely forgotten about until now. I’m not sure how it will fair, but I always remember that I would plant in November or December back in the UK as I once read that a frost is good for the cloves, helping to promote strong growth. We will see if the couple of rows I put in come up later in the spring.

Anyhow, back to the family visit, which was announced about a week ago, Bartek had a couple of days off and offered his services along a couple of school free nephews who are enjoying their winter break at the moment.

It did kind of put the pressure on me as I had to have all the electrical cables in before they put up the battens, insulation and ultimately the plaster board ceiling. I also needed to tidy up the electrical consumer unit so that the basement and ground floor where complete, to lessen the spaghetti like mass of wires that would become unfathomable with the addition of extra lighting circuits! Still, I work best under pressure and everything was in place and I even managed to keep ahead of the workers as I second fixed my ceiling roses leaving a flex for the light fittings. In the end I was short of about 12 meters of four core cable, but this can be retrofitted within the stud wall, again I was happy that I didn’t hold the workers up.

Two mattresses came out of retirement and our food consumption tripled for the duration but it’s amazing the difference those three day made as we now have, apart from the area above the steps, a wired, insulated and plaster boarded ceiling on our second floor. I ventured upstairs again today and as the lads had done a splendid tidy up job I could see quite a few tasks I can tackle before the spring. A very positive move forward.

No pictures of the work at the moment, I wasn’t expecting to write a post, but then I had a few few beers! Mind you this is what it used to look like back in May last year, an encouraging reminder of what we have achieved in the last eight months.


I just thought, I now owe you a kitchen, a bathroom and a second floor. Oh and how can I forget, a Winkoloo! It’s coming….soon, very soon.

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

16 thoughts on “A busy week”

  1. I enjoy reading about your progress on the house, and also look forward to photos. I absolutely love garlic, by the way. I always sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of minced garlic on homemade pizzas, and recently found that a thimbleful of minced garlic also mixes well with V8 Spicy Hot vegetable juice. And don’t get me started on garlic bread!

    1. I must remember to plant some extra this year, to ward off the vampires!!
      Garlic bread, now I know what I’m making this weekend when the bread oven is fired up, along with pizza, you are a man after my own heart:)
      I have never heard of V8 Spicy Hot, but it sounds right up my street. Which reminds me I must get our chilli seeds planted soon. All the best, the Winkos

    1. Cheers Pete. We are having a birthday party for Malina on Sunday so the deadline is in place for many other tasks to be finished, then hopefully I’ll get some pics on the blog. All the best, The Winkos

  2. Hi Ian, Like your blog. Looks like you are almost there with your build, it’ll be fantastic when it’s completed. I also live in Poland not far from Opole near the Czech border. I am have been here a little over two years already, I farm potatoes, wheat and rapeseed. A friend of mine is renovating a Palace about 40km from me he’s from London. Look forward to the updates on your blog.

    1. Thanks for reading, we are hoping to complete this year, sooner rather than later if we hope to get the agro tourism business off the ground. Forgive me not following you on twitter, but I never really got into it, but I like your site. I’ll keep checking back.
      Lets face it if you are in Poland you have to grow potatoes 🙂 We were near to Opole about two months ago, it’s a shame we did not have contact earlier, we are in the market for some rapeseed to make our own oil. Interesting about the palace renovation, does he document it at all?

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