The weeks just fly by


Not so much a post about time, but rather our growing herd of goats, as Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were recently joined by Meggie (not a typo) , Carmella and Mini-mini.

Obviously these ridicules names will have to be changed to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Which means we are almost at the weekend and a full complement for the Happy Days Milking Co.  What next Joanie, Marion?

On second thoughts maybe the goats can have stable names and pet names, a compromise.

We were given the three new girls almost three weeks ago by a friend who didn’t have the resource’s to keep them over winter and they have quickly settled into a new life and forced accommodation, for the kids, as I tried to wean the not so little ones who are close to 5 months old.

This was no easy task and I had to return with hammer, nails and wood on three occasions before I reached a height of barrier that they could no longer jump, almost 6 foot (1.8m).

Today was the first day that they were allowed out together and I was happy to take a picture of them all enjoying their new freedom. Of course the little midweek girls were straight back on the mum to get a drink but it looks like she resisted, tomorrows milking will tell. We are getting three litres a day from two mothers, more than enough for drinking, cheese making and indeed soap making.

I’m not sure how long we should separate them before they loose the urge to go for mums (our) milk? It was so nice to see them all out today that I don’t really want to separate them again. Any ideas anyone?

And another question, does anyone have any good goats cheese recipes? With all this milk we are eager to go beyond the two basic recipes we are using at the moment, time to experiment.

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

17 thoughts on “The weeks just fly by”

    1. I shall pass on the complement in the morning as they fight for the dried bread in my pocket. Our cheese seems to be getting better the more practice we get, and the soap orders are dealing with some of the surplus 🙂

  1. Hi, Eddy, Love the name Carmella, unusual! I know one other. Try David Asher’s The Art of Natural Cheesemaking, it’s fabulous, and he gives goat milk cheese preference — if you don’t have kefir, use buttermilk and yogurt for your starters —

    1. Although we inherited the name we have a friend in Ireland called Carmel, who commented on Facebook, wondering if we had named the goat after her. I had to stop myself from saying that I thought of her every time I milked her!! Thank you for the book recommendation, I think that’s going to be one of our Christmas treats if my Amazon basket gets past security.

  2. Of course, I can offer no thoughts on goat husbandry whatsoever. But it was nice to see them, especially on the new theme, which I can finally read!
    Cheers mate, Pete.

    1. They had just over two weeks, it might have worked, I’ll tell you in the morning. I separated them again for the night, which was fun, nearly lost a finger in the process, they get a bit rabid when I take the dried bread out of my pocket 🙂

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