A couple of confusions

Whats all that Jibba Jabba (grzyby zaba)

Earlier in the year, when the neighbours on our Eastern border visited their land to build a fence around some newly planted trees, I walked over to say hello as I always try to do. This despite the fact that collectively the grandfather, son and grandchild of around 5 years old, only have Polish and Russian in their linguistic chest.

On inquiring why they were building a fence we went into our usual miming routine interspersed with Polish, English, Russian and probably Italian and German thrown in for good measure. Apparently many of the unprotected trees that the had planted in the past had been damaged by jabba (frogs), or at least that’s what I understood. I remember at the time exclaiming that they must be big frogs! But of course what they had actually said to me was that mushroom (jibba)  hunters were damaging the young saplings whilst searching.

And before I’m corrected what I pronounce as Jibba jabba is spelt grzyby zaba, no wonder my Polish is so poor Smile


Mouse dance

The spring is the ideal time to start chopping up the meter(ish) length pieces of tree that I have lying around from winter felling, each piece of wood is cut into two, tree or four pieces depending on how accurate my initial cut was. I then stack them Jenga style as high as I dare to allow the wood to season over the rest of the year.

On one occasion I was constructing a new pile from a loose collection of logs that had sat around for a month of so and as the pile grew in height I was developing quite a rhythm when I felt something under my t-shirt. I started to twist and wriggle to try and dislodge whatever it was when the movement went down into my trouser leg, around the ‘crown jewels’ and past  the ‘bike stand’. As you can imagine I was dancing like Michael Jackson by this stage and was hurriedly undoing my belt and dropping my trousers, this led to the inevitable and comical hopping around one leg in one leg out until finally the offending mouse took off in search of another woodpile, leaving me standing there in my boxer shorts checking for damage.

Only then did I hear the uncontrolled laughter of Gosias mum who was on the terrace looking down on the scene and by all accounts wondered what the hell I was doing! No chance of keeping this quiet then Smile


I did have a few more to share but as I’m cooking the meat today then I better get my skates on. It just remains to say Happy Christmas to anyone who is still reading and a Happy New Year!

And a quick thank you to those of you who bought some of Gosias soaps, your support is much appreciated. www.zielonakoza.pl if you still haven’t checked out what’s on offer.

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog https://winkos.wordpress.com/

27 thoughts on “A couple of confusions”

  1. Hahaha! Just “ambled” over from Celi’s (the kitchensgarden) blog and found this delightful post! The whole mouse episode so reminds me of my own beloved! Stay warm and will visit again soon.

    1. Thank you for popping in and commenting Elizabeth, glad you had a laugh. I having a look see at your blog now, some wonderful pictures and it looks like a glorious location.

  2. Catching up on my reading as life resumes a more normal pace after the puppy birthin’ and the Holidays…..thank you bringing a bit of laughter to my day!!

  3. Love the mouse story! Ironically, we too have a story of my husband ending up standing in the middle of the forest in just his boxers due to crazy circumstances. It must happen more than people think. 🙂

  4. Glad to know I am not the only one to end up pantless outside due to invading critters. Things no one warns you about in homesteading, too funny. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. Hope I managed to raise a smile or two over Christmas 🙂
      Looking at the sleet passing the window egged on by 30mph winds at the moment I am envious of your 13 degrees. Stoking the fire and eating the leftovers are the order of the day today.
      All the best!

  5. A great tale (tail?) for Boxing Day 😀😃🙄). I too was cooking (more than I originally intended) so didn’t open WordPress yesterday, so aim to write my Christmas Day post sometime today. Hope you had a great day. Love from me and Petronela.

  6. I very much enjoyed these two anecdotes!

    1 ‘Twas around Christmas Season, and all through the house,
    2 Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
    3 Eddy was out back stacking felled logs with great care,
    4 In hopes no mouse prankster in his clothing would dare…

    At least now we all know where the mouse was! Merry Christmas!

  7. Thanks so much for the laughter on Christmas morning! What a great way to start the holiday! 🙂 And if anyone is reading the comments as well as the post…you must get some of Gosias soap! I ordered the coconut flavor and it is divine! Beautiful bars of soap!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Eddy!

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