Another update, well not really

I was thinking about an update on the animals, but what can I say, they are goats. Sunday, Monday, Minka, Meggi and Rozka are all doing fine and with luck Monday and Minka will be mothers in late spring.

But then it started to snow, and snow, and snow. And whilst we haven’t had it as bad as some in Europe, we have had our fair share. Luckily for us we have a Lada Niva; built for Siberia, not suburbia!


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The last picture is the main road, about a mile away from the house and as of yesterday we have to travel about 5 miles to see tarmac again. That could be further away now as we have had another 5cm (2 inches) so far today and it’s still snowing.

If I’m honest I have loved the challenge it has presented, but don’t tell Gosia. Transporting children around in this weather is challenge enough in itself!

Jackie is having fun as well Smile


Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

27 thoughts on “Another update, well not really”

  1. Our Suburban went through many a storm that hobbled other vehicles (I don’t think I’ve ever gotten stuck or failed to get through pretty deep snow — up to two feet, once).

    That car might be capable but it doesn’t seem to have the ground clearance necessary to plow through deep snow.

    That said, if they plow the roads, all you really need is a sure-footed car . . . one equivalent to a goat.

    1. If its really deep, more than half a meter (close to your 2 foot) you have to take a run at it and then the pan underneath allows you to kind of aquaplane over the surface, or you sink and get the shovel out.

  2. I know you make the best of all that snow, and soldier on with the help of that Soviet 4 X 4.
    But in all honesty, you can keep it. Snow and Pete just do not mix. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. This is what honestly I’m scared of when I think that in the near future we will move to Pstragowa. Driving kids to school in the morning…I remember these winters from my childhood and even we hear of global warming the amount of the snow I see in your pics looks just as I remember…

    1. It all depends on how far you are from the road, or how close your car is to the road :)They are pretty good at clearing the main roads, we only had trouble once in the last couple of weeks. Its the journey to the everyday car that is a challenge. And we can always walk 🙂

  4. The only snowflakes in Las Vegas are of the human variety. Today, I’ll be hiking to the top of Fortification Hill, a volcanic plateau that overlooks Lake Mead. I might need a light jacket, but I doubt it. Maybe one of your goats would like to come along?

  5. You need a team of husky dogs I think Eddy. Up until now hardly any snow here at all which is very unusual. The bees in the hives in my garden can still be seen so for them spring is on the way….. . The hazels are starting to show pollen as well. I hope we don’t get a Murphy now because I wrote that. Keep having fun everyone.

    1. I just checked my single hive and they have pushed out a few more dead, which I understand is normal, so fingers crossed thy will make it.
      It’s starting to warm up here so the next problem will be mud and water 🙂

      1. Good housekeeping bees stop a backlog of dead bee bodies accumulating. Sometimes you can even see a bee flying with one of the dead kin held in its back legs to a place a few feet away from their hive. You do need to keep the entrance hole as small as say two bees because mice and voles can squeeze into hives to keep warm and feast on honey and bees, that can cost you the whole colony. Don’t worry about traffic jams, they sort that out too. Do you know what sort of bees you have and what sort of hive have you got?

      2. I’m not too sure what type they are, or indeed the type of hive, but its standard in Poland as the frames are common. I have to confess that I don’t think bee keeping is for me and I will be passing them onto a friend, who is more capable, in the spring.

  6. We’re ‘threatened’ with something similar but the last time, a couple of weeks ago, was nonsense.
    I really like goats, for some reason I cannot fathom, and what I really hope is in the coming year I’ll have good reason to ask for advice about them from you. But I’m not saying more for the moment – Murphy is lurking behind every corner!

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