Blogged up!

As the cold weather traps me indoors at the in-laws I thought I would have loads of time to devote to blogging, reading, planning, learning Polish and getting my paperwork in order.

And guess what, I haven’t achieved anything; I’m blogged up!

True I have started to map our land in an Excel spread sheet to help with crop planning in the future, but I’ve only started and I’m a long way from finishing! I’ve read a few books of self sufficiency and gardening, but I haven’t really read them, I’ve flicked through and read a few articles; soon becoming bored. Any paperwork I attempt to do is stopped by some insurmountable problem, a missing document , an out of date or missing stamp of authority which puts the paperwork back in the ‘to do’ pile. And I won’t even mention my attempt to master the Polish language beyond please and thank you, because I just can’t seem to get myself into gear on that one, coming up with any number of excuses or alternative things to do.

As for blogging, well I suppose I’m doing it now, but as is normally the case, I can think of the title but have no real idea of the direction of content that will follow and I come to an abrupt standstill.