Making hay whilst the sun shines

That’s what they say so that’s what we did.

I’d guess a couple of acres, possibly a bit more, of grass cut by tractor on Saturday the 30th. And just like when lighting the BBQ or forgetting your umbrella it decided to rain, despite a clear 10 day weather forecast.

This changed our schedule a little and the hay had to be left to dry until Monday when we turned it all by hand, an all day job, as our neighbour with the tractor was working his 24 hour shift at the garage.

No sooner had we finished then another storm crept in, dropped a few more buckets of water on the hay and moved on.

Thankfully we have had temperatures close to 30c (86f) most of the week and Kazek turned up a couple of times a day with tractor and hay turning machine thingy, and so on Wednesday we piled the first nine stacks. No bales here, just odd shaped domes of fresh, sweet smelling hay. Apparently the way the hay is stacked varies from region to region, with that in mind I think I have invented a new way, although I doubt it’s a style that will catch on.

We will be putting it in the barn today along with the hay from the bottom fields that we have left in windrows as the weather stayed fine. We probably have have twice as much as we need for the Sunday and Monday (the goats) but then who knows what else will be eating it come the winter.

A rare appearance from me next to the last and smallest stack of the day. I could never have done it without Malina!
Look daddy, look what’s happened to that nice hay stack.