Soaps 2020

The new website is up and running, well its not so new, or even exciting, but its an update of what was there before the 1st of October 2020. I have left the comments below for those of you who were kind enough to leave them, your support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link: we look forward to seeing you there πŸ™‚ or if you prefer the Polish language page then please visit zielonakoza.plΒ 

34 thoughts on “Soaps 2020”

    1. Fantastic to hear, thank you. I was only just wondering if they had reached you and was about to email and then you commented πŸ™‚ Thank. you again and enjoy.

  1. I really loved the soaps I ordered from Gosia and Eddy. The Hemp Oil soap is just such a good consistency and it smell delicious. My husband uses the shaving bar and finds it perfect for use with his safety razor. The delivery to France was super fast too. I’m tremendously excited about ordering some more in other yummy scents πŸ˜€

  2. I ordered 8 bars of soap on Nov 07 & received my package on Nov 20. It took LESS than 3 WEEKS to get to the West Coast of Canada!! I’ve waited longer to get a parcel from my mother who lives 300 miles away!!! And I’m so delighted with my soaps. I just took my shower with a Goat’s Milk & Geranium bar!!! It’s just too bad I have to give some of them away as presents. I will be ordering more. Great product & terrific customer service.

  3. I am happy to add my endorsement for Gosia’s soaps. The ones we received were top quality products, and it really does make a pleasant change to be able to deal with such friendly people.

    I will certainly be placing another order soon.

  4. Beautiful soaps! Please keep us posted where we can buy them locally. I plan to stop by this summer when I visit:) I will bring you the soap that I make also from natural ingredients:)

  5. I have commented a short while ago on a post but want to say something on this specific ‘soaps’ page. I’ve been using the ‘Goats milk and geranium’ for a while now, first for washing face, then having felt how smooth it left my skin started to shave with it then, most recently began to use it as a shampoo for my hair. The results are just great for all three. I’ve throwin out ‘commercial’ soaps, shampoos, shaving foams and after shaves and just about to order more of Gosia’s soaps for myself and a few small Christmas presents.

    1. I’ve arrived here from Beetley Pete and am considering several soaps! Bearing in mind what grumpytyke says about using the Goat’s Milk and Geranium as shampoo, which would you recommend for an itchy scalp that is a by-product of my autoimmune condition? I also have very dry skin for the same reason. I’m tempted by all of them but am thinking about what Pete uses for his skin condition, which would also help with my ex-chap’s psoriasis. Decisions, decisions!

      1. I will consult with Gosia and get back to you, if you send me an email to then we can discuss further. From my own experience of dandruff then I have found that that anything with rosemary helps, although I’m at the point now that I seem to use a different soap every week and use them as a shampoo bar and the dandruff hasn’t returned. Dry skin, maybe the coconut bar or the goats milk, both very moisturising. We do have a pine tar soap that we made for a client with psoriasis it’s not listed but we received good feedback from the few people who have used it. I look forward to your email πŸ™‚

      2. Just to say I’m now using the goats’ milk and geranium for everything! No dandruff, no itchy scalp and my wife says my skin feels “like a baby’s”; I’m 76!

  6. My wife and I both love the soaps AND we like to give them for birthday presents. Everyone can use soap and the cost is right at only $15 for 4 bars of handmade soap…and that includes shipping from Poland. You can’t beat that!!! Many of my relatives have already benefited by that “Special gift from Poland.”

    1. Thank you Pat for your endorsement, Gosia and I really appreciate your support and hope to continue sending soaps to you long into the future. Lets just hope Mr Trump doesn’t try and put an import duty on them πŸ™‚

  7. I have been using some of the soaps for a while now, and can confirm that they are excellent. I use the unscented ones, as I have a skin condition that is exacerbated by perfumed soaps, and mainstream products. I especially like Castile, as the high oil content not only helps my skin feel calm and softened, it also softens the hard water here. As a bonus, it makes the bath very easy to clean too, as it eradicates the hard water problem of scaly deposits. I also love the creamy Goats Milk soap, which gives a more conventional bathing experience without the need for chemicals, or scented additives.

    And in case anyone is wondering, I am not related to Eddy or Gosia, and I bought the soaps from him by email, with my own money! Try them out. They are good value, so you have nothing to lose.

    Best wishes to all. Pete

    1. Thank you for a glowing review Pete, we are very happy to know tha you
      benefit from using our soaps and you have identified the added bonus of helping to clean the bath. I was reminded of ‘Matey’ the bubble bath for kids πŸ™‚

      1. Ahh, ‘Matey’. I wonder if they still sell that? Happy to ‘big up’ Gosia’s soaps. My comments are 100% genuine, and I am a real fan of them.

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