And finally

Jackie is still with us and remains my faithful companion, although the walks are getting shorter and less frequent. Dennis and Zara still disappear every morning to be fed at a neighbour, only to return as darkness falls, to sleep in the boiler room where it is nice and warm. I would put pictures up of the two of them but I don’t have a lens with a wide enough angle! Let’s just say the neighbour spoils them, despite her denials that she feeds then at all.

They are free, fat and happy, so I don’t plan to change things.

Despite my love of dogs the house is now overrun by cats, three of them, Bubbles, Whitey and Marshmallow (English translations). We do have a forth, a tom called Borris who lives in the barn, but his habits are far from polite and he is kept outside when he visits the house for food. I don’t think he actually does much as his figure is much the same as Dennis and Zaras, but on the odd occasion that he wants to play, when I’m in the barn, I’m sure to wear gauntlets. He has been known to kill the rabbits we keep so his death grip is strong. In fact of all the animals we have he is probably the most dangerous!

We had a few volunteers again this last year through the Workaway program, but the numbers and applications were notably down due to Covid and the two couples who stayed were already in Poland.

One couple in particular really gelled well with the family and as we do with a few other past volunteers, we have kept in touch. Not only is it great for me to have an extra pair of hands, we also get to meet a variety of people who share their experiences and culture, something that I hope may help the kids to think a little differently in the future. After all its not every day that you meet someone who has climbed mountains in the Himalayas, rafted in South America, spent weeks in silent meditation or simply come from somewhere other than Poland or the UK.

So that’s it, I have written a post, who would have thought, thank you Pete for nudging me once again. Hopefully this will also prompt me to write a few emails that I have put off for far too long with old friends and if I manage that then maybe I’ll start keeping a record of our slow lifestyle again.

Thanks for sticking with me and the family and a Happy New Year to you all.

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

19 thoughts on “And finally”

  1. Do you remember ‘The Good Life’? In one episode Tom and Barbara had volunteers too. Whilst I was reading this post I had to smile. Took me back to those comedy Surbiton based gems. The four synergy perfect actors and story that was a ‘once in a lifetime happening’. We had a feral cat from a local farm for about 18 years. Not only gauntlets. Because that was not enough! More an additional suit of armour. My son was the only one it wouldn’t lash out scratch. Great triptych read. Cheers. 😉

    1. Good old Tom and Barbara 🙂 I’m a bit of a whistler and often slip into Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I have the whole series downloaded, but I just never get time to watch them, and it is lost a bit on the audience that I watch with 🙂

      1. Angie bought me the whole series and Christmas specials on DVD box set. Just watched them all back to back. Can’t whistle anymore so no chirruping Tom whistle anymore from me! 😙 😀

    1. We have a terrace that goes all around the house which is used as the track, they go round and round sometimes, dogs chasing cats, the sound of paws and claws in surround sound always makes me smile 🙂

  2. (1) “One couple in particular really gelled well…” Lavender hand gel works better for some people. And it would be good to keep in touch with them, especially if it’s by way of a handshake, as that would mean a bit of lavender hand gel would rub off on your hand, too!
    (2) A great Beatles song is “Lavender Fields Forever.” (Or is it about strawberries?)
    (3) It’s rare to have an extra pair of hands. Eurytus and Cteatus were the twin sons of Poseidon. They were born conjoined with only one body but two heads, four arms and four legs. So not only did they have “an extra pair of hands,” but also an extra pair of feet and an extra head. I think you’ll agree that two heads are better than one, but that four feet would mean more socks in the wash.
    (4) Here’s one piece of advice: Keep Marshmallow away from the fire!
    (5) Elwood P. Dowd tells me that Harvey is a 1.92 meter white rabbit who’s invisible to most people and is definitely not afraid of Borris.

  3. Ollie wants me to tel you that you have far too many cats. Cats are the enemy!
    See how good it was to post again? Keep at the blogging, Eduardo!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Oh yes, Borris can hold off a clowder when spring is in the air and he is defending his patch, and his patch is wide. A bit like Pat Mustard, there are lots of ginger cats in these parts!

  4. We’ve gone petless since our last cat died, but whenever I read a post like this, I get tempted to change that. But, for now, we’re holding fast.

    It sounds as if you’re well on your way to cat-man . . .

    1. I think the trick with pest is to have many then the loss is easier to take in a way, if no less painful.
      I will always stick with my dogs though, long walks are essential for solving problems, or forgetting about them.

    2. Well, pests are not even being considered at this point, or at any point, past or future, and I certainly wouldn’t want many pests (again, the goal is zero).

      Pets, yes.

      . . . and if we ever get one (or two) again, yes, the plan is to get a dog (I’ve never owned a dog and would like the experience of picking up crap when I take it for a walk).

      Although, we also like to travel, and pets are an issue, especially if, for instance, we want to go on an extended trip.

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