Big Bad Boris

As I finished the milking today I heard the cry or bark of a fox nearby, not unusual, but it did seem quite close so I popped out back to have a look.

Thirteen goats stood there starring over the electric fence at a fox about 30 meters away, just behind a wired fenced area that our neighbour keeps for vegetables. Then I spotted Boris sitting down in the garden area minding his own business with his back to the fox. Has Boris gone deaf I wondered, the fox continued to bark at him and was only 5m or so behind him with a very flimsy wire fence between them.

‘Boris, get out f there, Boris, Boris’ I shouted hoping to get his attention whilst looking for my phone to take a picture or video. Then the fox made it through the fence just as Boris had started to walk towards me. I dropped the phone and jumped the electric fence hoping to scare the fox away before it got to Boris.

Boris has a very lazy style of walking, and not just because of the winter fat he is carrying, he walks like that because he’s the top cat around here, but even then when he gently turned his head to look what was happening behind him his pace SLOWED down! The fox was making ground fast, certainly faster than me, and Boris and me for that matter.

‘BORIS’ I shouted again, just as the fox was upon him and still a good 20m away from me.

Fur up, claws out, a quick one two move, no doubt making contact, and the fox did a runner!

I nearly gave him a hug, but then I saw what he did to the fox and had second thoughts J

Author: Eddy Winko

Left the rat race to live a less hectic and harmful life. From the building of a straw bale house to the composting toilet diaries; read my blog

29 thoughts on “Big Bad Boris”

  1. Not meant to be funny! Just expressing myself because there’s nothing else I can do. We are all tired of watching and reading and knowing so much more is to come. The unknown that is yet to come.
    I was happy to find your comment on my blog this AM and hope your Ukrainian friends are safe.

    Fuck You Russia

    1. As i read the news yesterday about the 30,000 women and children who arrived at the border there was a foot note that said 9,000 men had entered Ukraine, willing to fight and die for their country. They show so much courage I’m ashamed that we in the West do not do more.

  2. I believe they’re called kits Eddie and not cubs but maybe that’s what they’re called in Europe. Yes, I hate when people move to a rural or wilderness area build their homes displacing the local wildlife then can’t understand why the predators didn’t magically disappear all the while they are setting out a buffet of domestic livestock. These wild animals are not evil, they are just trying to survive and have no idea that these smaller prey animals are not there for them to hunt. Chickens for one are on the menu for so many animals and raptors that unless they have extremely predator proof enclosures or guard animals they most often get picked off. I myself learned that lesson the hard way and it was no one’s fault, except my own…not the wild creatures that hunted them.
    I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir but ok, my rant is over! 🙂

  3. Good for your Boris, also a hero, I’m all over happy with our Odin who is 14 years old. Two weeks ago at dusk he caught a young rat (hamster sized) in the food storage, freezers area of our barn. I was there getting the dog meat and I actually saw him pounce and run away with and shake dead this rat. I have a phobia for rats so my cat is now my ‘un-caped’ crusader and absolute hero.

  4. Most people have dogs to guard their flocks…you have Boris! 🙂 I really wouldn’t worry about a fox going after the adult goats though..maybe a very small one but he’s most likely there looking for rodents or a cat…other than Boris now! :))

      1. Hah! Yes! He/She probably won’t be back as long as Boris is around and again..I wouldn’t worry about the goats but chickens..probably. You don’t have chickens, right? Is he/she one of those beautiful red foxes or grey? Maybe you could get a photo of him/her…at a distance of course and show us. I have never seen a fox in the wild but would love to. I think those fox hunts with dogs are abhorrent! 😦

      2. I’ll try my best to get a picture, I see one at least two or three times a week at this time of the year as they come closer to humans to find food and that will run into spring as the cubs are born. This was a red fox, I have only ever seen one silver fox. No hunting with dogs here, but foxes are not liked due the the chicken killing they do. We gave up on chickens a good few years ago, but that was due to a buzzard problem.

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